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Company Registration in Dubai

Company formation in Dubai can be done by any of the below company setup options. AURION provides complete assistance for company formation in Dubai. Based on requirement and the business activity, our expert professionals will guide and provide the right option for your company formation.

1. Mainland Company Registration in Dubai

Mainland companies in UAE can be classified into one of the following Company Structures.

a. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Companies can be formed in the Mainland of UAE for a variety of business activities. Commercial and industrial activities can be executed through formation of an LLC Company.

For LLC Company Formation, the majority shares (51%) has to be vested with a UAE National or a Corporate Sponsor (Company with UAE National as the Shareholder). The number of shareholders can be from 2 to 50 while forming an LLC Company in the Mainland of UAE.

b. Professional Company (Civil Work Company)

Professionals in the field of consulting, legal, accounting, doctors, etc., can form a Civil Work Company in the Mainland of UAE. The owner can retain 100% ownership of the company's shares.

To register a Civil Work Company with the Department of Economic Development (DED), It requires to appoint a Local Service Agent for an annual fee to liaise with Government authorities.

c. Branch or Representative Office of Foreign Companies

Investors who have an existing office in the Free Zones of UAE or any company outside of UAE can form a Branch or Representative Office in the Mainland of UAE.

There are certain requirements and criteria for the formation of a Branch or a Representative Office.

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2. Freezone Company Registration in Dubai

Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai is relatively easier than Mainland Company Formation. The Free Zones in Dubai are preferred by Investors for its ease of setting up a business, world-class infrastructure and business ecosystem.

One of the major advantages of a Free Zone Company Setup is 100% foreign ownership. There are a host of other business benefits for a Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai such Tax Free Income, No Customs Duty, etc.

Free Zones in Dubai offers one of the best Company Formation Packages at an affordable cost. An investor can choose from Flexi-Desk office to fully furnished office spaces. Free Zones in Dubai offers a wide range of business activities for investors to start their business.

To know more on the list of activities and favorable Free Zone for your Company Setup, talk to our expert Business Consultants Right Away!

3. Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

Offshore Company in Dubai is a legal business entity formed for facilitating international trade. Offshore Companies are registered as International Business Company (IBC) and are out of the scope of UAE's local business jurisdictions and Legal systems.

They fall outside the scope of VAT & UAE Customs. However, Offshore Companies are not eligible to trade in the local UAE market. Mostly international trading companies, holding companies, consulting services, property investors, etc., register for Offshore Companies.

Offshore Companies are not eligible to apply for any Residence Visa for their employees. Opening a bank account is possible but time-consuming due to strict compliance checks.

Offshore Company Registration in Dubai is secure and offers the investor a whole lot of benefits such as tax savings, profit repatriation, foreign ownership, etc.

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LLC Business Setup in Dubai

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Setup in Dubai is one of the most popular legal business forms for establishing a trading or manufacturing company in Dubai. LLC business setup in Dubai requires to have a UAE national as the local sponsor owning 51% of the company shares. The foreign national owns the rest 49% of the shares.

An LLC Company can be formed with a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders. There is no requirement for any minimum capital investment. The LLC Company’s management can be vested with the Managers (up to 5 persons) that may or may not be UAE Nationals.

LLC Business Setup in Dubai is very straightforward and relatively easy to incorporate. However, it requires certain documentation, paperwork, and special approvals required depending on the chosen business activities.

Here are the steps to the LLC Business Setup in Dubai. Our team will assist you in all steps with expert consultation and dedicated PRO service support for a hassle-free LLC Company Formation in Dubai.

  •   Choosing the Business Activity & Tradename Reservation
  •   Getting approvals for the Tradename and Legal Business Form
  •   Getting the required additional approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai for the selected activities
  •   Preparing the Memorandum and Local Service Agreement (LSA) – Finding a UAE local sponsor, shareholder resolution, required agreements
  •   Submit the documents for review and initial approval
  •   Get your Physical Office space and Tenancy Contract
  •   Submit the Tenancy Contract along with the initial approval documents to obtain the LLC Company Setup License
  •   Apply for Residence Visa, Emirates ID, and Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

LLC Company Setup in Dubai – Business Benefits

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Setup in Dubai offers the investors peace of mind in terms of flexible business operations, company ownerships, reduced risk of capital investments, hiring additional staff, etc.

Key Business Benefits of LLC Company Setup in Dubai

LLC Company Setup in Dubai offers the investors a host of business benefits. LLC Company Setup enables investors to strengthen their presence in the UAE Local Market and promote local trade more effectively.

Here are a few benefits for the investors from LLC Company Setup in Dubai.

  •   Wide range of business activities to choose from the DED list to set up an LLC company
  •   Investor visa for the stakeholders along with eligibility to sponsor family
  •   Add more staff to your business as required without any hassles of visa quota
  •   Enhanced credibility in banks for opening a Corporate Bank Account
  •   No customs duty on imported goods
  •   Hassle-free opening of a new branch in the mainland if required
  •   Purchase real estate in Dubai under the company name
  •   Participate in tenders and take up government projects and assignments
  •   Freely trade in the local UAE market as well as rest of the GCC region and the world

Cost of Company Formation in Dubai

The cost of Company Formation in Dubai may vary depending on the nature of the business. Below is the estimated cost for Dubai LLC company formation & Visa. Company Formation Cost in Dubai is mostly straightforward and there are no hidden costs. The cost component is split majorly into the following headers broadly - Documentation & Attestation, Business License, Visa Processing & Immigration.

Apart from that, based on the requirements there would be additional approvals and document clearance required from the UAE Embassy and concerned authorities which will have a fee. In case of involving a service agent or a business consultant, for executing the services allied to company formation, there would be a service fee for the consultants too.

Dubai LLC Company Registration Cost

The LLC Company Registration cost will cover all the major cost components for successfully setting up your business in the UAE. One of the major cost centers for LLC Company Registration is the Office rent. The physical office location in the UAE must be chosen wisely based on the nature of business and the annual turnover.

Few areas in Dubai based on the size of Office Space can be over the board due to the popularity of the location. E.g., The Downtown area near the Burj Khalifa. Investors can choose a location with lower rental rates for office space to save on the total Company Formation cost in the UAE.

Estimated cost for LLC company registration in dubai is given below:

Description Services License Fee
Trading License Fee
General Trading License Fee
  Sole Establishment Civil Company Limited Liability Company Limited Liability Company
Trade Name Submission AED 776.50 AED 776.50 AED 776.50 AED 776.50
Initial Submission Approval AED 256.50 AED 256.50 AED 256.50 AED 256.50
Local Service Agent Agreement AED 441 AED 4410 AED 650 AED 650
Virtual Office with Ejari & Tenancy for 1 year AED 10,000 AED 7,000 AED 10,000 AED 10,000
License Fee AED 8000 AED 9000 AED 13,000 AED 30,000
Total AED 19,474 AED 17,474 AED 24,683 AED 41,683

* Note:

  •   Chamber of commerce fees AED 1200 per year is for normal trading company. If it is an industrial company then this fees comes to AED 2200.
  •   Waste fees for municipality AED 1000 per year is for normal trading company. If it is an industrial company then this fees comes to AED 2000.
  •   For foreign trade name there is an extra fees of AED 2000 per year.
  •   For the formation of General trading company one-time fees of AED 15,000 is required.
  •   For Contracting License one time fees of AED 10,000 is required.
  •   For Real Estate Brokers Company fees for Economic Department of AED 5,000/- is required.
  •   5 % of Amount premises rent to be paid to Government.

Dubai LLC Company Investors Visa Cost

Next step after company formation in Dubai is getting Investor visa / employee Visa. Investor visa provides temporary residence for a maximum of three years to the investors. This is the best option for all the investors willing to setup business in UAE. Estimated Dubai LLC Company Investor Visa cost is given below:


Fee in AED
(Inside Country)

Fee in AED
(Out Side Country)

Entry permit

AED 1,180

AED 530

Change status

AED 675


Medical Urgent

AED 870

AED 870

Emirates ID (3 years)

AED 370

AED 370

Visa stamping Urgent

AED 930

AED 930


AED 4,025

AED 2,700

* Medical Health Insurance is not included on the above cost.

Required Documents :

  •   Passport Copy
  •   2 Photographs
  •   Time Taken (approximately 3-4 Days)

Dubai LLC Company Employee Visa Cost

Estimated employee visa cost of LLC Dubai Company is given below :-


Fee in AED

Quota Application

AED 83

Quota Fee per person

AED 100

Quota Inspection

AED 500

Offer letter

AED 83

Work permit

AED 83

Labour Card charges - (Category A/B/C/D)

AED 1,500 / AED 2,103 /
AED 2,700 / AED 3,400

Entry permit Inside Country

AED 1,185

Change status

AED 675

Medical VIP

AED 875

Emirates ID

AED 270

Labour contract typing

AED 83

Labour contract subsmission

AED 83

Tawjeeh Training

AED 160

Visa stamping

AED 685

Required Documents for LLC Company Formation in Dubai

  •   Tenancy Contract Copy
  •   Location Map
  •   DEWA Bill
  •   Passport Copy
  •   2 Photographs (white background)
  •   Designation Details:-Higher Designation Requires Degree Certificate (Attested)
  •   Time Taken for Quota Approval (approximately 5-7 Days)
  •   Time Taken for Labour Approval (approximately 3 Days)

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