Cloud Accounting Services and Software

We handle the bookkeeping so you can focus on running your business. Here's how it works and what's available!

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How it Works

Cloud Accounting provides you with high-grade bookkeeping using human-assisted AI (which we define as Augmented Intelligence) with advanced automation and skilled accountants to manage your books- plus, powerful software to watch your financials. It's everything a business owner needs to do the bookkeeping—without actually having to DO the bookkeeping.


Over the first few weeks, we spend a few hours working with you, getting to know your business. We move any existing bookkeeping processes over to Cloud Accounting, fine-tune procedures, and finish any agreed-upon cleanup. Cloud Accounting works with the software and systems you already know and trust, letting us easily pull your data into Cloud Accounting- giving you a 360-degree view of your business.

Ongoing Bookkeeping

Each month, your Cloud Accounting reconciles your accounts, categorizes your transactions, and provides reporting. Our Skilled Accountants will oversee or make any needed adjustments to your books to ensure that everything is clean and tax compliant.

Monthly Close

Once your books are ready to close, you’ll get a message letting you know that your books are ready for review. You can make business and financial decisions knowing your books are accurate and up to date!

Financial Hub

With Cloud Accounting you get a consolidated tech stack. Enjoy your centralized tool consisting of dashboards, project management, task management, workflows, document storage, communication, and --of course -- accurate numbers thanks to our automated bookkeeping solution.

Interactive Dashboard

Overlay financial/nonfinancial datasets, trending analytics, data visualization, KPI tracking. Customized visual control!

Document Manager

Securely store and easily access your financial documents from our web and mobile app.

Financial Report Builder

Easily generate and customize your key financial reports right from your financial hub.


Take a pic of an invoice or receipt using your mobile device. We extract the data and record it in your accounting software.

Expert Support

We provide our clients with multi-level support for their bookkeeping, accounting, or technical needs. For standard clients, your experience begins with a Deployment Specialist, who gets to know the unique nuances of your business, helps you transition your bookkeeping over to Cloud Accounting, all while curating a specialized playbook on your business bookkeeping processes. Post- deployment, you'll have access to your Cloud Accounting, who is overseen by our Skilled Accounting Team.

It's natural to have questions about your bookkeeping. That’s why we’re here. Have a question specific to the software? Our dedicated Technical Support team is happy to help! Not sure what you need, or just want to talk to a human being? Our Client Services team is here to help you!


Organizing and paying bills has never been easier.

Financial Reporting

Get the reports you need at the frequency you choose.


Clients giving you the runaround? We can help.

Customer Invoicing

We'll bill your clients for any of your goods or services by sending them an invoice.

Custom Chart of Accounts

Collate all of your data into reports and financials custom to your business.

Revenue Recognition

We'll recognize and record revenue when it is realized or when it is earned.

Inventory Tracking

Tracking and reports on the product your business supplies

Payroll Administration

Working with payroll providers such as Gusto, Botkeeper will ensure payroll runs on time, is accurately booked and classified accordingly.

Accounts Receivable

We'll recognize and record revenue when it is realized or when it is earned.

Multi-Entity Accounting

We'll report on your parent company, holding business, subsidiaries, affiliates, and associates with ease.

Credit Reconciliation

We'll ensure that each transaction on your credit card statement is matched to transactions in your internal systems.

Fixed Assets Accounting

Do you have long-term tangible pieces of property that you own/use in operations to generate income? Piece of cake!