Address Change of LLP

What Is Change In Registered Address Of LLP..?

Registered address change means to change the existing registered address from existing place to any another new place. Every LLP is must require having a registered address to receive all the communication/notices from the various authorities. LLP is also required to maintain its Books of A/c at the registered address.

Why Need To Change LLP Registered Address.?

Many LLP may want to change their registered address as their business changes over time. It could be that the company has grown so large that they need to move to bigger premises to accommodate extra staff, or that they want to relocate to different premises that can offer them a lower annual rent, or to a location that provides better logistical connectivity for their services.

How we can Change the registered address of LLP..?
LLP can change place of its registered address to another place within the same State or between one States to another State through filling requisite LLP Form-15 and LLP Form-3 with the consent of Partners and creditors as may be required by law.

Change LLP Registered Address within same state..?
Form- 15 and Form LLP-3 to be filed with concerned ROC within 30 days of resolution so passed with attaching Followings documents:-
* Consent of all partners,
* Supplementary LLP Agreement,
* Initial LLP Agreement,
* Latest Utility Bill as a proof of new address of LLP,
* Signed NOC from the owner of property.

Documents Required For Address Change Of LLP

  • Consent of all the partners shall be required for shifting of registered office to another place.
  • Supplementary agreement need to be prepared for shifting of registered office of the LLP.
  • Minutes of the meeting of the designated partner approving the shifting shall be attached.
  • Utility Bill of the property where the register office of the LLP to be situated.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the owner of the property required.
  • Rent Agreement (If any).
  • Publish a general notice, not less than 21 days before filing any notice with Registrar, in a daily newspaper published in English and in the principal language of the district in which the registered office of the LLP is situated and circulated in that district giving notice of change of registered office. (IF REQUIRED).

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Address Change of LLP
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