Address Change of Company

What Is Address Change Of Company

The registered office is the official address of the Company where all the legal and government communications are sent by the concerned department. The address of the Company can be changed by the board of directors of the company within the same state or in other states as the case may by filing the required form to the ROC.

Can I Keep Registered Office Abroad?

No, the Registered Office of a Company or LLP must be in the State where the Company in Incorporated in India.

Who must authorise the change of registered office
The change of Registered Office of the Company must be authorized by the Board of Directors at a General Meeting.

Where do we need to correct the address?
Necessary changes are required to be made in the letterheads, books, records etc. of the company. Arrange to adopt a new common seal of the company.

Documents Required For Address Change Of Company

  • Board Resolution to change registered office
  • Latest Electricity Bill of proposed registered Office Address.
  • Rent Agreement or NOC of proposed registered Office Address.

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Address Change of Company
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