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About Cloud

We combine our experience and personal care with the efficiency of artificial intelligence. We manage your incorporationsecretary & accounting in India online. Save time, free your mind, and focus on your business with CLOUD!

What we do

We register and service companies in India. Secretary, Accounting, Taxation, HR & Payroll, all that boring stuff you’d rather have someone else to do for you. With Cloud, you can have more quality time for your business.

How we do it

We use bots to automate our work, so your tasks are done fast, and you save money on human labour. Thanks to online payments and electronic signatures you can work with us remotely without a single visit to our office. Certified agents are online seven days a week to answer your questions and accept enquiries.

Technical Excelence

Technical Excellence is the underlying core value for everything we do. We are committed to training and developing our staff to ensure that each client receives value through our technical expertise.

Personal Attention

Personal Attention is the foundation of our philosophy on client service. The engagement partner and their team will directly participate at every level, and they are readily available to discuss questions or concerns as they arise.

Ongoing Communication

Ongoing Communication is fundamental to the development of a successful partnership. We provide industry alerts about new and relevant regulations. Informal meetings with our clients give us the opportunity to discuss the industry.

Staff Continuity

Staff Continuity is critical to building strong, sustainable relationships with our clients. Members of the engagement team invest time and effort becoming familiar with our clients’ operations, policies and procedures, and the external factors that influence their operations.

Community Service

Community Service is not just an act of corporate responsibility, but an integral component of leadership as well as personal and professional success. By participating in community service, everyone at GRF feels a stronger connection to their community, each other and the firm’s mission.


Diversity describes who we are as a firm. We believe our people should reflect the world in which we live and the clients we serve. Employing a diverse team provides unique and valuable perspectives that benefit both our firm and our clients.

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